Emma first published her program to stop bedwetting in 2009, after her son was finally cured at the age of 10.  She was incensed by misinformation, conflicting advice and a downright absence of real, practical help that didn’t cost the earth.

“Dry At Night” was born.  Since then, more than one thousand children have got dry within 3 months with the help of the program; children whose parents had also tried “everything” and were over the moon that finally something had worked.  

The stop bedwetting program is Emma’s passion, a passion that she fits around her successful business coaching company where she works at the highest level with leaders, company owners and experts on multiple business projects.  

Emma is also the author of two published books including Brilliant Parent and How You Can Talk To Anyone In Every Situation, both published by Pearson.

Emma lives in the South of England with her husband Tim, their two grown up teenagers and two dogs!