MY proven Online Program HAS a 99% Success Rate helping Thousands of Children Stop Bedwetting for Good.

Finally, there’s a step by step system that makes sense and has research to back it up. It is so clearly explained and incorporates both the emotional and physical aspects of getting dry. Your empathy and expertise shine through.”  

Karen Moxom, Hertfordshire, UK 

What’s Included?

Our Step-by-Step Program gives you everything you need to know about coaching, supporting and motivating your child towards success, answers all your questions and gives you ways to make it last

  • What to Expect
  • The Causes and Myths of Bedwetting
  • Virtual “Walk Through” of the Online Program
  • When is the Right Time to Start?
  • Choosing an Alarm
  • Preparing Yourself
  • Motivating Your Child
  • What Else do I Need?
  • The 3 Stage Process
  • Pelvic Floor and Bladder Exercises
  • How to Use an Alarm at Night
  • How to Record Progress
  • Are you Ready for the Next Stage?
  • Importance of this final stage
  • The 3 things you need to make it last
  • How to handle setbacks


I’m so glad I trawled the internet one more time and found your system! Thank you so much Emma.

Fleur Baker, New Zealand



one payment


Telephone Consultation with Emma.

4 Modules of Videos and Downloads with detailed step-by-step instructions to get your child dry.

Email Support throughout your journey to dry.

Private Facebook Group to get your questions answered.

PLUS 100% money-back Guarantee if the program doesn’t help your child.



If your child is not dry at night within 3 months, please contact us for a full refund.


How much does the programme cost?

You pay just $99 for unlimited access to my complete “Stop Bedwetting for Good” Program.

Who is this program for?

The program has the very best chance of working for you if you can answer YES to the following statements:

• My child is at least five years old.
• My child has never been dry at night or
• My child has only ever been dry for a few nights at a time or
• My child consistently wets the bed 3 or more nights a week.
• My child has good bladder and bowel control in the day.
• Sometimes my child “forgets” that they need the loo until the last minute   and has to dash.
• My child can sleep right through the wetting and can be difficult to wake     up.

What's included?

  • Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Follow program that teaches you how to use an alarm differently to get excellent results – the exact nature of these instructions is crucial to success. Includes record charts, progress charts, quick reference instructions and exercises. The program Gives you Everything you need to know about coaching, supporting and motivating your child towards success and Answers all your questions and gives you ways to make it last.

It also includes:

• The Facts about bed wetting and why it’s nobody’s fault
• The 6 key causes of bed wetting and how they combine
• The myths of bed wetting
• Why some treatments don’t work and what to avoid
• How to prepare your child for success
• How to prepare yourself for success
• How to deal with the psychological effects
• How to be supportive
• How to motivate your child
• How to motivate yourself
• How to choose an alarm
• Step by step instructions to stop bedwetting
• What to do in the night
• What improvements to look out for
• Your questions answered
• How to handle set backs
• How to make it last
• References to all research
• Record sheets
• Quick reference instructions
• Progress charts

You will need to purchase a bedwetting alarm (I give recommendations in the Program).

Is there a Downside to the Program?

Yes there is. This is not a quick fix. If you are easily put off by having to be persistent, then this is not for you. You will need to be committed to helping your child, although if you are still reading, you already are. It will mean disturbed nights in the short term for you as well as them. It will take commitment from the whole family to make it work. So if you are not prepared to do that, then please don’t buy my program.

What's it worth to get my child dry?

Remember, I paid thousands of dollars and have put this program together because I feel so strongly that people shouldn’t be in a position where they are practically forced to spend a lot of money. All I care about is that I don’t keel this information to myself. That’s why I am selling this valuable system for the same price as a family meal out. I am sure that you will have the same success as I did but for a FRACTION of the cost if you follow my instructions.

Why should I pay Emma for advice?

Our son was 10 years old and had never been dry at night; we’d spent five long years trying to find a solution and we were desperate. I hardly need to explain why to you, but we were desperate because as you will know it breaks your heart to see the distress and confusion that bed wetting causes as they get older and it doesn’t stop. They can’t go on sleepovers or school trips without fear of being caught out (and that doesn’t bear thinking about) and you have the daily fear of their friends finding out and them being teased. It’s confusing for us too when in every other way they are “normally functioning” children and we can’t help wondering what might be wrong.

The thing is, it affects the whole family.

The constant washing and broken nights are exhausting and exasperating and if you are anything like us, his sister was dry at night when she was 2 years old so it’s hard to not make it a big deal. And who do you talk to? Even friends can sound judgmental because they just don’t understand – how can they. And what if they mention it to their children and your child’s secret is discovered? Even though there are some high profile people, like the lovely Martin Clunes, who are open about their childhood bedwetting, it still seems to be such a taboo subject. Lots of parents who phone me tell me that they feel completely alone, as we did.
Perhaps, like us, you have tried everything. Perhaps, like us, you’ve been to the doctor only to be told, “Don’t worry they’ll grow out of it”. Perhaps, like us, you were told that if they don’t grow out of it there are drugs. Perhaps, like us, you searched for solutions and got more and more confused with the conflicting advice available. Perhaps, like us, you have started to wonder what you might be doing wrong.

We waited and waited in vain for him to grow out of it, sporadically trying one thing after another. The list of things we tried is really quite embarrassing (I’ll share it with you later). The one thing we didn’t try was drugs; we nearly did and then I looked up the side effects. When I saw that one possible side effect is paranoia I decided against it! It’s hard enough growing up with bed wetting without adding paranoia to the mix. All in all I spent five years trying to find a solution and then found myself paying £3,000 in desperation. Yes, that is not a misprint. We paid a private clinic overseas to get our son dry. Yes, we really did. And I don’t mind admitting that we could not afford to spend that much, but I managed to convince myself that the alternative was just too awful and we couldn’t go on. So I found the money.

So what was the result of spending thousands of dollars? It worked!

Despite being thrilled that our son was now dry, I was left feeling fed up about parting with so much money and having the process unnecessarily drip-fed to me over many drawn-out months.  I wanted to know more about why the process was working and was disappointed that they couldn’t answer some of my questions. I was also really angry that I couldn’t find help and advice at home (that worked) so I decided to do some proper research for myself. Luckily, I was well placed to begin this quest for a simple affordable solution.  My psychology degree came in handy when I bought and unravelled all the latest scientific research and I am already the author of two published parenting books. I am rather ashamed to admit that I put this programme together out of anger, although it made me extremely motivated to do a great job.  I felt like going to the top of a mountain and screaming:


Anyway – here’s what I discovered; essentially all the latest research points to a way of curing bedwetting, for children who do not have underlying health problems, this is straightforward, and yet every day thousands of children and their families are needlessly suffering with the misery and embarrassment of wet beds. And I am proud to say that I have put it together in a comprehensive programme that you will not find elsewhere, and for a price that I hope most people can afford. (One customer phoned me up recently and said “You may not be able to sail away into the sunset Emma, but you will go straight to Heaven”. It is fair to say that I am rather passionate about sharing this information!)

What's your refund policy?

I want you to succeed. If you follow my instructions and do not get the results you want, please contact me for a 100% refund.